What Value is there in a Photograph

What makes a photograph valuable,┬áis something I have been thinking about for a while as someone who aspires to make a living from photography, I often wonder why do some photos sell for millions and some don’t sell at all! Why is there such a difference in value for what are often very similar images. […]

Slow Progress

With all this rebuilding to do and having to work full time progress is slow! But at least we are making some I have managed to get some of the things back online for you all and I will continue to build on this over the next little while. Once again feedback is welcomed as […]

Rebuilding Again!!!!

Sorry for the inconvenience but we had some trouble with corruption and rather than deal with that I have decided to put into practice a lot of what I have learned and rebuild the site. Unfortunately this means that it will take me a while but we will be back better than before. Please let […]