Backup, You Can Never Do To Much!

I’m going to start this by saying “I’m an idiot” for years working as an IT professional I have lectured people on the importance of backup and saving your work on the way through. Now I have the delight of telling you that I am a victim of a failed hard drive that caused me to loose about 400 photographs!!

After saying this it could have been a lot worse as I have approximately 15,000 photos in my catalogue the limited exposure is due to the fact that I do backup, just not enough obviously.

After a lot of swearing once I realised what I had lost and my blood pressure returned so somewhere near normal I took the opportunity to look at what my options really were to protect my data, not only my photographs. The initial thoughts were around buying a NAS at around $1500 to provide redundancy and this was a good option until I started to think more about it and started to ask questions like

What happens if my house burns down?
What happens if I get robbed?
What happens if I haven’t had a chance to copy updates to the NAS?
etc. etc. etc.

This lead me to question if a NAS would really provide extra protection to my files over and above what I already was doing, the answer I came up with surprised me a little as it was a resounding “NO”. I already had my data in more than one location, I did backup on a regular basis and the images I lost were due to being away for an extended period and not having a chance to copy some files to my second location.

Once I established this I began to look at other options and I found one. Online Backup to the cloud! Wow I’m slow this has been around for ages and I’m only just getting around to looking at it? Well the main blocker was bandwidth and it still is depending on how much you want to backup and what sort of internet connection you have.

That being said I started to do some research and found a provider called BackBlaze (I’m not affiliated with them nor do I receive anything for mentioning them here) and when I compared the price of $95 every 2 years for unlimited storage I couldn’t go past it, self I thought I can make this work.

Now internet connection speed is still a problem given I need to backup over 1tb of data but its worth it for the protection and the access to my files no matter where I am even from my mobile. So the moral of the story is don’t do wht I did and assume you have protection, question what your current practice is and review it, ask your self the what if questions and put in place measures to protect your data.

As an aside I did investigate sending the failed hard drive off to have the data recovered and after discussing this requirement and receiving a quote of around $2000 for the 4oo files I decided against it as there was no guarantee they could even be recovered.

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